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     In rural China today, especially in some undeveloped and poor rural areas, more and more young people go to cities for work to increase income and raise their living standard. As a result, a special group of juveniles come into being called "left-behind children." With the development of the society and people's increased conscious on children's education, these left-behind children will move back and forth between their hometowns and the cities where their parents work at the intervals of holidays. Such seasonal migrations as the birds bring them another name of the little migratory birds.
     The issue concerning the left-behind children has become a social problem. Out of the need of this feature activity and our strong sense of social responsibility, we had a field investigation and interview about some left-behind children in our school and wrote down a series of true stories below.
     Our investigation found that the left-behind children in rural areas would suffer troubles physically and psychologically. To help them out, it is needed the joint efforts from families, school, society and government.

Left-behind student, Liu Xiaoling’s home

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