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Western diet culture influence on China
In the recent 16 years, KFC and McDonald are throughout China. This shows that with the change of time, the Chinese people began to accept the Western food culture. to a certain program, Western culture is affecting the Chinese diet.

A change of diet concept. Chinese and Western diet thought often occur the collision and fusion in after the West and Chinese catering enter each other's "turf". Chinese food now has begun to focus on food nutrition, health and cooking science, Western also began to develop color, smell, taste and shape of food. Young people now more and more like Western food, and like to drink beer, eat fast food and adequate nutrition intake, visible, Western culture also has impact on Chinese food. In their view, regardless of the color of the food, smell, taste, shape, nutrition must be guaranteed. Therefore, as long as nutrition is adequate, they do not mind a single food taste and paucity, Western attached great importance to all kinds of combinations of nutrients, and give full consideration to human nutrition and calorie needs to arrange the dishes or cooking process.

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The impact of Western culture on Chinese food nutrition: for example, steak is one of the favorite foods for Westerners, in our opinion, beef should be cooked before eating, while Westerners think that the raw steak is delicious with rich nutrition, they do their best to keep food juice and natural nutrition. With the improvement of living standards, more and more restaurants also introduce non-cooked steak, and more and more welcomed by the Chinese people. Our people require to eat well on the base of eating full, nutritiously healthy, cultural tasteful, to think Westernized food focus on the quality of life can be seen everywhere. Micro-specific, quantitative monitoring of Western modern nutrition is introduced into China, and existed with traditional food governance regimen doctrine, to provide a full guarantee for the nutritional health of the dishes.

The effect of cooking method?s. Western cooking methods are simple, they only focus on nutrition of food, and less emphasis on cooking fun. Deep-fry, stir-fry, steam, cold dishes are the main cooking methods, vegetables is usually cut into large chunks, and then eating in raw. The impact of Western culture, we found more and more young people like to pursuit Western culture from TV shows, networks and other medias, we often see on television a young white-collar is watching TV at home with salad, there is cooking forum in fashion books to teach readers how to easily do a British or French meal. This cooking way is advocating simple, which makes it easy to produce and easy to carry, has slowly infiltrated into Chinese catering, even the ladies in the district also prefer to learn how to easily do a salad rather than select fine flour to make a pancake.

    Western restaurants in local

Changes of diet customs. More and more Chinese families like to eat noodles with a fork or folder food, a different way of eating is clearly not accidental phenomenon, it is formed in different cultures. The West Restaurants in China often create an atmosphere --- late is impolite instead of a long time coming. The waiter is sitting in the corner embarrassedly instead of playing cards and drinking tea for leisure. People who are late embarrassed to face West Restaurant time atmosphere instead of taking for granted. Although this is Western Restaurant, it is penetrated slowly in China, affecting the lives of the younger generation, and the western culture also has impact on the Chinese diet concept.

With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, people's living standards are improving, the Western culture was flooded, and the Chinese people gradually recognized Western food culture with fast, convenient and nutritional characteristics. In addition, in the course of the study, we also found that Western catering and Chinese catering have impact on each other.

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