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Description of Our Team
Although there are a few people in "LDZ" combination, we have common interests and beliefs, and we come together for a common goal. Our instructors and our computer classroom teacher gave us a lot of help, and teach us how to find information, how to create web pages. Our school leaders also guide us how to write the investigation report, how to research projects, and give us plenty of time and space. In order to reflect the characteristics of Western cuisine, we went to the local Western restaurants to have Western food. We also find information on the internet and buy some fruits and salad, and we cooked salad, although not very authentic, we felt very happy. Because of this project, we are united together. The power of the three team members, after all, is limited, so we also launched many students in our schools to participate, to help us find relevant information, and to influence them. After a few months, we have met many new friends, and we are very excited and feel that a strong team is supporting "LDZ".

    We experienced in a western restaurant and did interview

Every one of us in this project are very hard, sometimes we also discuss our project in lunch. Although we are very hard, it is an unforgettable learning journey, we absorb new knowledge and new ideas in practice, to accept new ideas. Project research is inseparable from our teacher, so we would like to sincerely thank our teacher and the students who have helped us in the course of this study. We also thank other students in the school, thanks to the school to give us the opportunity finally.

Team members

Name:Luo Ying

Age 17

Class: the students from Class 3, grade 2014 computer major.

They are mainly responsible for the production of the web in this activity.

Our foreign policy is to coexist with other countries. We can deepen cultural exchanges with diet, to eliminate the distance between countries, and to build a better world.

Name:Zhao Zian

Age 17

Class: the students from Class 3, grade 2014 computer major.

I am primarily responsible for collection and find information.

It is my first time to participate in such activities, which make me understand that the cultural exchanges between the countries should be created by us, very pleased to participate in the event.

Name:Du Jianguo

Age 17

Class: the students from Class 3, grade 2014 computer major.

Collate information and fill in the information in the event.In the process of collecting information, I understand a lot of foods, I am personally very interested in food, and I also hope that I am able to eat more food.


Sichuan Cangxi Vocational high school "LDZ" combination EMAIL:mahongkai@163.com