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Story 1
  On July 9 to 11, 1971, Nixon's special envoy, U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, during a visit to Pakistan, malingering to go to Beijing to meet with Zhou Enlai secretly, and talked about Nixon's visit to China. It was said that the atmosphere between two sides was tense at the beginning, they were talking for over two hours, but there was no improvement. By lunch time, all the people were hungry, Premier Zhou said in a timely manner: "let’s have our lunch at first, or the duck will be cool." Beijing roast duck was the main dish in the lunch, Premier Zhou was familiar with duck and personally gave Kissinger a piece of duck and put it on the lotus pie, let him feel the hospitality of the owner, he gave the thumbs up after eating. The wine is China's "national liquor" Maotai, this kind of wine and the duck is the perfect match. In this way, good food and wine, both the guests and hosts were very happy, and the gap between them was solved. The meeting in that afternoon and the next day was much smoother, and the two sides finally reached an agreement that led to Nixon's visit in the following year, the political landscape and history of China and the world had been changed. At that time, it was said that this was "duck diplomacy" after "ping pong diplomacy", it has achieved a meritorious for the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China. The duck and Maotai seemed very common, but how many people know that the hard work of the prime minister.

    Zhou Enlai invited Kissinger to eat Beijing duck.
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Story 2
In 1996, French President Jacques Chirac convened a multi-nation summit as host in the city of Lyon, he not only treated foreign dignitaries cordially in the local well-known restaurant but also prepared the bills in advance for them, invited them to choose the dishes they like, in order to reach the restaurant, the selected dishes can be served immediately, he was extremely considerate towards them. Furthermore, organizers also recruited three-star chef to cook three meals a day for journalists and media personnel, and it was different with other countries which were accustomed to fast food for the hospitality. In this way, a gorgeous "diet show" easily seized the heart of the crowd, so that guests feel respect of the host, at last, France was won in this meeting and negotiations.

    Hillary repeatedly extended diplomacy with delicacy.
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Story 3
Since the politics of the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attaches great importance to gourmet food diplomacy ", according to U.S. media reports, Hillary Clinton established chef team in the 7th, and recruited more than 80 chefs to prepare delicacies for the U.S. State Department. These "national chefs will exchange with local chefs to the U.S. embassy, and at the same time, chefs around the world were also invited to the United States for a guest.
Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the United States , the Chief of Protocol of the U.S. Department of State Marshall specially summoned to renowned Chinese-American chef Ming Tsai, to cook the rice pudding which has been integrated into American elements; British Prime Minister David Cameron visited the United States in March, State Department invited the British-born chef Bloomfield to cook salmon, vanilla and lentils banquet for the guests. The U.S. State Department also prepared desserts for the VIP who had not recovered from the jet lag. It not only showed the American cuisine and creative but also allowed guests to understand the United States. Similarly, this kind of national culture can showed respect and sincerity for the VIP. Hillary has been repeatedly extended personal diplomacy with food after as the First Lady. White House Social Secretary, the incumbent Chief of Protocol of the U.S. Department of State Marshall said that the new diplomatic cooking plan is a part of Clinton's "smart power" philosophy (using all diplomatic tools at our disposal).
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