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French food,exquisite Food art
The French are strict to the choice of materials, fine processing, complicate patterns, to maintain flavor and reasonable nutrition. Advocating exquisite dishes, pay attention to style and color combinations, the diet of Environment and dining atmosphere, to pursuit beauty and mood of the food. Foie gras is one of the treasures in the world which is as famous as caviar and truffles, it is the traditional dishes in French, it is rare in the recipes of other countries in Europe and the United States. Subtlety of foie gras is that it just melts in the mouth, soft and supple, fragrant lips and teeth, endless aftertaste, and it can evoke the infinite desire of human. In addition, the Frenchmen like cheese very much, cheeses are variety. French cuisine is also particular about eating half-cooked or raw food, steak, leg of lamb, half cooked and fresh as the characteristics, for example, lamb dishes - French red wine lamb chops is tender and delicious.
French cuisine attaches importance to seasoning, and spices are variety. They are good at seasoning with wine, there are stringent regulations that the food should be matched with the right wine, for example, broth should be matched with wine, seafood should be matched with brandy, and dessert should be matched with sweet wine or brandy. Wine and spices are the two elements in ingredients, no matter dish or snack are all smelt good and pleasant. Dishes with wine are the characteristics of the French cuisine. It is not a joke if the French drink more wine than water.

    The essence of French cuisine -------dessert

Italian food, delicious Pasta
Italian cuisine is as famous as French cuisine, and it is the mainstream of today's Western. Italian cuisine is like its culture as noble, elegant and unique taste. Delicious pasta, cheese, ham and wine are pursuit of the gourmet in the world. Italians prefer to cook with rice and noodles rather than as a staple. China's most well-known Italian food is pizza and pasta. Pizza is matched with minced meat, incense of Pizza and vegetables are blended, the smell is hard to resist. Pasta has many strange shapes: macaroni, spiral, shells and stuffing packets. The red noodle is mixed with red bell pepper or sweet pepper root; yellow noodle is mixed with the safranin flower or pumpkin; green noodle is mixed with spinach, and even there are black noodles which are the most visually stunning, all colors are from natural ingredients instead of dye. Pasta is matched with the ever-changing sauce, plus seafood, fresh beef, vegetables, or simple coupled with the spices, making pasta has hundreds of flavors. Olive oil is indispensable delicious factor in the common pasta, fruits and vegetables can increase the visual beauty, accompanied with fragrant cheese or soup, the flavor was very hot, people can not help but applaud this memorable taste of Italian cuisine.

American food, nutrition, fast and delicious
Tthe Chinese people probably take for granted when delicious food is mentioned: it is hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks and the fast food, isn’t it? In fact, the American food culture is also very colorful. The traditional sense of American food including the European staple foods, such as bread, pasta and pastries, dairy products, poultry, pork, beef and seafood. The agricultural products are also introduced by traditional American food which are produced in American continent and are introduced to European, such as potatoes, corn, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes and peanuts and so on. Immigrants from Europe and Asia added more changes and flavors to American food. Since then, American cooking is not only in the traditional way to cook these exotic dishes, inherited the simple characteristics of British dish, but also improved these dishes, put the United States flavor into it.
Because place of Agricultural production and habits of immigration are different, home cooking of the southern United States and northern New England or the Midwest cooking method are also different. Louisiana is famous for French Cajun flavor, and Wisconsin beer, cheese and sausage are very popular; New Mexico has unique Texas flavor; San Francisco is a blend of Asian, American and traditional European cooking methods. Americans generally prefer to iron steak, a variety of fresh vegetables and a variety of fruit rather than spicy dishes. Three to five mature is the best in American steak. The outer layer of meat is just cooked, gradually decreasing in the furnace and it is almost raw in the innermost, and transition is natural from ripe flesh-colored to Baby Pink. It is creamy and refreshing with the sauce.

    American fine dining -------- grilled fillet steak
Spain food, delicious and strong
 The fast-paced and stylized flamenco dance is ringing in the ears when Spain is mentioned, Spain is on the verge of Mediterranean in east and southeast, this unique condition makes Spanish like all kinds of seafood. Spain is rich in potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, olives. Western-style meals, it seems that there are no obvious characteristics on cooking, Spanish cuisine has a collection of Western-style cuisine and cooking methods of North and South, and there are the wide variety of dishes and unique flavors. The cooking method of the famous Spanish fried squid is to put spinach, lamb, cheese into Pastry, and then baked in the oven, it is charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and it is a unique flavor of pre-dinner drinks side dishes. Shrimp ball is fried in the oil which is stuffed into a round pie with shrimp, onion, egg yolk, butter, all kinds of spices, eating with garlic, there is refreshing taste, and it is delicacies. Paella is the favorite food of Spanish when the main food is mentioned. It is really delicious that shrimp, squid, chicken, Spanish sausage is coupled with onion, garlic, tomato juice, saffron. It is a little coke near the bottom of the pot, crispy and nutty, like rice crust, Fragrant glutinous rice is gentle, coupled with the unique flavor of the seafood, and that is great in the western food. In the summer on the table, soup is labeled with a variety of vegetables and spices, crushed ice, soup and cold soup are made of tomato juice, it is the Spaniard's favorite refreshing soups. In addition to these specialties cooked in a special way, many fruits, food and desserts are also indispensable on the table, such as apple strudel, almond cake and so on.

Russian’s slow food, sour sauce thick
Russian cuisine has greater influence in the Western, The upper echelons of the era of tsarist Russia admired in France, not only to speak French as the honor but also to learn eating and cooking techniques with French. But after years of evolution, especially in the Russian zone, they began to pay attention to high heat food, and has gradually formed its own cooking characteristics. The Russians like eating hot food, like fish, meat, eggs and small steamed stuffed bun and meat pie which are made of vegetables, all kinds of snacks are very prestigious. Russian cuisine has heavier taste, like to use oil, production method is relatively simple. The sweet, spicy taste, salty as the main flavors, sour cucumber and pickled cabbage are often the essential food in hotel or family. The main cooking methods are roasting and smoking. Russian cooks are strict on every dish, if there is a dish without some kind of seasoning, they would like to throw rather than eating it. Traditional Russian cuisine can reach "slow food" requirement from material selection to production process. But the regular musical feast will make people slow down the eating speed in any case, taste, visual, auditory and all-round enjoyment, to find a good reason for "slow". Although Russian cuisine is quite different with French meals, but in the dining process, it is not inferior than French meals, guests here are not consciously slow down.

    Chinese cuisine-------spiced and hot pork ribs

Chinese food, great and profound food cultures
  Since China has a vast territory and abundant resources, the difference of climate, property and customs are existed, a lot of flavors are formed for a long time. Rice is the main food for people in the south part of china and flour food for north part., sweet food in south, salty food in north, acid food in east and hot food in west, the main four flavors are Bashu, Qilu, Huaiyang, Guangdong and Fujian. Throughout the year, according to the season and to eat is another feature of Chinese cooking. Since ancient times, China has been seasoned and garnished according to the seasons, and the taste is strong in winter and mild in summer; stewing and simmering in winter and acetarious in the summer. Chinese cooking not only have technical skills but also pay attention to aesthetic of dishes, and they focus on coherence of food color, smell, taste and shape. Either a carrot or a cabbage can be carved out of a variety of shapes, to achieve the harmony and unity of color, smell, taste, shape, gives a high degree of special enjoyment in mental. Chinese cooking focus on tasting for a long time, it is not only strict on the color, smell and taste of the food, but also there are strict requirements on their names, the taste, the rhythm of meals, entertainment.   

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