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From research on Shehuo, we have broadened our mind and learned knowledge beyond textbooks ,as well as realized the importance of protecting folk culture. In modern society, folk culture is easily to be forgotten. So we need to organize all people to protect it and pass it on.

Wei Ling


It is my luck to participate this meaningful activity. Firstly, I want to appreciate our teachers, who work hard on instructing us to make website and collect all the materials. Secondly, I want to appreciate my parents. Without their understanding and support, I won't have opportunity to taste success. I believe we will succeed!

Cao Jun


Since taking part in Cyber Fair, I become more interested in computer. Although playing computer occupies my study time, I insist on coming to computer classroom everyday. After participating this competition, I know how hard our work is. After eight courses in the morning, we have onlyone rest hour, when we have to make websites in computer classroom. At that time, other students are playing in the campus, while we are classifying materials lonely. We are happy because we can learn more knowledge about computer than others. I believe we can succeed. Tan Qi-liang

In this activity, my deepest feeling is our team's cooperation and unity. Together we scan photos, type and learn to make websites. Although we meet many difficulties at first, with our teachers' careful instruction, we solve it easily at last. Ordinarily, we have only 45mins per week to use computer. In this activity, we have more chance to use it with teacher's guidance. In collecting material, we learn much about the origin and stories of local folk culture-Shehuo.I believe this folk culture will become popular all over China in the future.
Wen Sheng-lan


On the first day of taking part in Cyber Fair, my computer using level is far behind other students. After this activity, I am skillful in making website. How happy I am! My deepest feeling about this activity is our team's cooperation. Every time, we go to interview in the village by bike. Because of my weak body, every one takes care of me. We do our best to advertise and protect the folk culture-Shehuo.

Sun Sheng-ling

In our team, I am the oldest. I ever acted in Shehuo, however, I have no idea about the origin and roles. Thanks to Town and Talent Technologies, I learn much about this folk culture. I will keep this beautiful time in my memory forever.

Liu Xian-lu


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