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Shehuo Loss

Shehuo, as a kind of entertainment, has been passed on for generations. However, it becomes far away from modern people's life, and less people would like to act or watch Shehuo. Without enough budgets, most performances are stopped. Children don't know the content of Shehuo, not mentioned the actor nor actress. Xingquan Village was popular with Shehuo in the past. Nowadays, no one perform it. In Huangyuan County, there are ten villages, in which only five or six villages still keep this folk tradition. The problems are simplification of performing, aging of stage property, ignorance of folk culture, and decreasing of participants, performer and audience. All the people taking part in the performance become a history. The folk culture, which has the history of more than one thousand years, is facing serious challenge.

The reasons of Shehuo's disappearance:

Firstly, with the popularization of TV, more people preferring to watch it at home, especially the youth. A large number of young people leave their hometown and work as labors outside. So this folk culture has no participants and successor. Many excellent performing style of Shehuo, like "Hei Shehuo", has disappeared. With the impact of modern and foreign culture, people gradually forget our folk culture, so that many ancient legends can't be understood. Even some actors and actresses of Shehuo don't know the meaning of the lyrics, which decrease the quality of performance.

Secondly, it is the impact of budget. As a folk culture, the source of budget mainly comes from donation from local people. Without enough budgets, it is hard to maintain a 200 people performing group. No one likes to be the organizer, because the organizer needs to raise funds. The refreshing of stage property is out of consideration.

Thirdly, the educational sense of Shehuo needs improving. It is not only an entertainment, but also an education tool, which praises justice and glorifies life. There is no professional to study Shehuo, nor collect its information. The creation of folk people is not enough.



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