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Shehuo Profiles

Since Jan 8th of lunar calendar, people, who have been busy with farm work for one year, begin their own entertainment-Shehuo. The actors and actresses try their best to bring happiness to audience. The farmers, who are clumsy in speaking in ordinary life, are as happy as wood-larks. Until Jan 17, performance is held everyday; in the evening, there is special program-“Hei Shehuo”. The content of Shehuo is very wide, including dragon dance, lion dance, eight bachelors, Stilts, Huagu, Taipinggu, Lahuajie, Luohan, Yangge, Gaotai and etc. The actors and actresses include feudal lord, Yamen runners the wife of feudal lord, dumb, men on stilts, bao’er and etc.

Shehuo in Huangyuan County is mixed with other excellent folk lyrics, dances and other kind of culture, especially the Tibetan tradition. In order to improve the quality of performance, suona horn is added in the performance in southern area; however, it doesn’t exist in western area. In the morning of Jan 8, the organizers of Shehuo lead the dragon dance, lion dance and yangge team to visit each house in village and collect performing fee. The amount of fee is up to each family, from several yuan to hundreds. Then, the organizers are busy with arranging performing schedule, choosing actors and actresses, training new actors, designing dances, and buying clothes.

With the development of modern and foreign culture, Shehuo is mixed with modern things. From Jan 15 to Jan 17, the floats, representing different administrations, are decked out with colorful flags in the parade. In the evening, all kinds of lantern are hanged on the streets, which are symbols of Chinese legends and ancient stories, showing the bright future of Huangyuan County.



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