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Shehuo on march


Dong Guoyu,the Shehuo leader of Xinghuo village,is the first interviewee.We understood from him that what the Shehuo is.

Interview Dong Guoyu,and take a picture with him after interview

Wu Shenlong,the Shehuo leader of Shenzhong village, presented the Shehuo stage props and costumes.He showed us how to beat the drum and how to dress up clothing.We highly appreciated his assistance.

Wu Shenlong showed us beating a drum with an assured hand

Question:when did you begin to organize Shehuo?
Answer:We began at 1980, when the Cultural Revolution was just finished. All the villagers were eager to take part in the performance. After getting the approval from village leaders, we found our first team of organizers. It consisted of seven people, called "Huoshenhui" association, in which I was the head.

Question:Would you please describe the situation of performance at the beginning?
Answer:Well, at the beginning, villagers were enthusiastic about performing in order to bless harvest next year. At that time, the living situation was quite low, so the clothes and properties used in the performance were made by villagers themselves. After performing, the properties were kept by our organizers. The actors had to perform for three years according to local custom. There were about 120 people taking part in the performance. Due to lack of entertainment, Shehuo was considered to be the largest entertainment in the year around.

Stage props keeper

Li Ren,a Shehuo performer

Question:Is Shehuo show still alive and well in village?
Answer:It was from 1990 to 2000. People's living standard improved a lot in that period, so we began to renew performance clothes and properties. More people take part in the performance. Especially in the evening, people in nearby villages came to see our performance. Actors were chosen from Hougou Village, Qiangou Village and our village, together more than 400 people. Although it was cold in Jan, people were happy to see and act in Shehuo, which was the greatest entertainment in Spring Festival. However,Since 2001, less people would like to act or watch Shehuo.


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