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Outfit in Shehuo

Formerly,The performers in village are small, and the Shehuo costume are in the custody of someone.In our days,Shehuo is growing in popularity in village,more and more people are performers,so they are responsible for maintaining costume by themselies.In our village, a part of clothing are made by performers.

For different characters, the costume is different. In the following passage, it will be introduced one by one.

The lords: they wear short red Chinese-style gown, use ink to draw a pair of glasses on their heads, hold boards with characters 'Hui Bi(avoidance)' , 'Su Jing(keeping silence)' on.

Yangge old men:they are dressed in fur-lined jacket,pants in red,wearing fur hats on their head,holding a basket.

The dumb person:they are dressed in red,with a red hat,holding a shot stick in hand,jostling with the crowd.

Peddler: he has a carrying-pole on his shoulder and wears white shirt, cold blue sleeveless garment, and red silk belt in the waist.

The wife of feudal lord: she wears gray clothes and has a baby in her arms. On her face, there are lots of artificial pockmarks.

Big-head arhats:They are dressed in red rob,with a big-head mask,holding a brush.

Yellow and blue dragons: each dragon is held by a team of 24 members, who wear in the same color.

lion: people wear trousers with the same color of lion.

Adult men, who are usually dressed up as traditional play figures, perform stilts. They usually use the "willow wood legs" longer than five feet, making their performance very thrilling and exciting. What's more amazing is the stilt dance done by some performers.

Men on stilts: their costume depends on characters of legend stories, some wears like a solider, while some like an intellectual.

Women on stilts: their clothes are made by themselves. They all wear cotton-padded jackets; cotton-print skirts; and use red silk made ball to cover half faces.

Most characters in legend wear according to their images in story.

Pa Hsien(Eight Immortals):
1, Shou Hsing(the god of longevity):in white rob,having a white beard,with tow children in blue on each side of him.
2,Lu Dongbing:in red robe.
3,Zhong Hanli: in blue robe.
4,Tiegui Li: in black robe.
5,Cao Guojiu:wearing a robe with a serpent on it.
6,Zhang Guolao:in yellow robe.
7,Lan Caihe:in green robe
8,He Xiangu:in colourful robe.

Eight beggars:Costumes for men are in uniform color.They wear an embroidered ball in their hair,and wearing a red flower over his chest.

Yangge players: young women have a red silk on the waist and two braids on the head; while the old women have fans in hands.


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