1. regulate the root. To protect the root and make it vigorous, it differs from the point. If the temperature lower, it needs the cover.
  2. Watering , it is different from different stage, the guarantee of the production. The water is lower so it cannot be dry.
  3. Whole branch? it has the strong ability to grow. If the ferment is not enough, the melon is small and bad quality. So it needs the regulated and then for the better wind. The normal way is to the branch. And as long as the melon is decided, the melon is no longer pressed.
  4. Regulation the melon. The ideal position is the second and third flower, the first normally not good, so we should take care of the broadcast and then hold one melon for the top.
  5. 5.Mature and picking the mature is the seed, the inside shows the color. The not good one is thick skin and faded color. There are ways to judge, the matured one is the old of the skin. And listening is another way, it is different sound to beat the melon.
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The regulation