When I research the melon, it is the harvest season. Though we miss the process, but we get the material and sweat. Back from the interview, our students deeply understand that no pain no gain.
Jan, Feb pressing the sand, seeding in the fourth and fifth month, and then Aug keeping, and finally waiting for the fruit. In the haiyuan, the long time, it grows the green sea. when smiling against sunshine, and then the kids runs.
Growing page

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Pressing sanding
      According to the locals, the people with the wind and then carry the soil to the field. Put nearly 10-15cm in the field, it is too hard.!
Selecting seeds

The advance is to select the seed,and getting rid of the bad one.After selecting we need to clean.Before using the hot water to clean.

1.soaking the seed,and then 5 times in 30 min, mixing and then use thd cool water.

2.soaking 2 hr and then clean the seed.

*fulmalin 100 times soaking 10 min,clean with the liquid.

**soaking the liquid.

***soaking the bleaching powder for 30 min.



      the farmer told us it needs the time. this must be done. The melon needs the scattered to make it full. If it is not full, it needs 4 seeds.