Dig the hole, put the seed inside with the cover of sand and stone.
Can the crack grow the melon? Yes, this enjoys the long history. The tech is to grow the melon with sel, which can prolong the life. The unique condition makes the melon sweet, with the nutrition balance.
The melon grow on the sand, owing to sand land is land difference, the melon also absorb the many ingredient, named as the green food.
As for the five treasure in ningxia, it is national fame. Nowadays, another one is the haiyuan melon. During 3 years, it is successful and then bring the income to the farmer.
The melon is sweat mianly because it get the crush from the mountain and saving water, and more and more sweat.
The brief introduction

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Alleviate the slopes
Was covered by a layer of gravel
Mountains such as rainwater expensive oil
At Sand Lane pressure sand melon plant selenium
On the species out of the hope of Montagnards
Species out of the mountains and the brand
Big watermelon
Sweet watermelon
Into the city
Walked into the supermarket
People into the green dream
Se de Sand
Chuan-name and very far

Pressure sand watermelon

Blank Skin
Jincheng No 5

Yujinxiang melon
Silver melon
Xiangfei melon
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