The tools impact of the farming activities
Effect of farm implements changes is direct and obvious to the village agricultural production.

Accelerating the development of agricultural productive forces
We conduct field experience in the interview, obviously feel the traditional tools in the field of farming are time-consuming and laborious, agricultural machinery can save time and labor, and it is convenient to operate with high labor efficiency. For example, 1 people 1 day can plough 4 mu with cow in the past, now 1 people per hour can plough 40 mu with agricultural machinery, efficiency is improved by 10 times; in farmland irrigation, 1 people 1 days can irrigated 1 acre with the barrel water in the past, now it only take about 10 minutes to irrigate 1 mu. In addition, from food processing, milling machine, mixing machine, oil mill has obviously much higher efficiency than the traditional Gu Mo, stone, stone mortar, press, which greatly reduces the labor intensity, saves labor time. In the traditional farming tool times, the labor efficiency is low, so everyone in the family has to participate in agricultural production, and it spends more time, the labor income can basically meet the material needs of members. In the agricultural times, labor efficiency has improved, each member of the family hasn’t to participate in productive labor, on the opposite, a member of the family labor income can support more people. Uncle Zhang told me, in 80 year they spend more than 5 months on agricultural production, in the harvest time, all of their family members have to work, especially planting, harvesting process requires at least 6 people, sometimes you have to please the relatives and friends to come, now the children go into the city to work, so there are only he and his wife two individual labor, although they are very old, they don’t feel hard with modern farm, there are only 30 busy days at most, it shows that agricultural change has greatly improved agricultural productivity.

Boosting agricultural production
Uncle Zhang told us: "in the past, the price of the traditional tools is low, and some even do not need any cost, only cost labor time, coupled with the traditional tools of durable, maintenance is simple relatively easy. Similarly, in cattle feeding, in addition to the artificial stocking or preparing fodder to labor time, there are no other additional feeding costs". In a word, the past agricultural production mainly need human. In the agricultural era, the cost of agricultural tools has obviously improved: first, from the purchase of farm equipment cost, all the machines are purchased in agricultural machinery plant; second, from the operation of agricultural cost, machinery operation needs power and diesel, so it produced electricity and oil costs; third, from the drainage maintenance cost, including farm machinery repair, replacement of parts; fourth, from the leased machinery costs, such as milling machine, renting rice scourer and oil press for food processing. According to Uncle Zhang’s memories, in the agricultural production in the past, fertilizer and pesticide is the main investment, accounting for about 90%, replacement and repair farm tools is only 1%; in the current agricultural production, the agricultural costs have accounted for 15%. It shows that with the change of tools, its inputs in agricultural production have increased. Compared to the past, although the farm inputs have increased greatly, this investment is valuable, and it improves the work efficiency, promotes the development of productivity, and saves the labor cost.