The course of tools in Cangxi changes
About Cangxi
Cangxi County is located in the fringe of Sichuan Basin, in the south foot of Big Ba 苍溪的地理位置Mountain, in the west of Jianmen Gate, covering East Longitude from 105°43′ to 106°28′,North Latitude from 31°37′ to32°10′. Slightly higher than the territory lying north-east, south-west gradually lower, Cangxi is composed of the hills, river’s valley and flat area. In remote areas, Cangxi is a agriculture-based county in north Sichuan with abundant produce, that include kiwi, snow pear,rice and chuanminshen. The tools in Cangxi develops with development of the society.

The course of tools in Cangxi changes
hrough interviewing and looking for information for a month, we knew the development of C传统农具angxi furniture, it is generally experienced the process from the traditional tools to the agricultural machinery.
The first one is the traditional agricultural period. From the historical load to the new Chinese after the establishment of the twentieth Century in the early 60. The traditional farm tools are mainly made of wooden or bamboo in this period, the materials are rich and cheap, but not durable, commonly used tools have firewood knife, wooden plough, etc.
The second one is the traditional farming tools and implements period. From twentieth Century 60's to early twentieth Century, With the initial development of Chinese industry, iron and the plastic machinery as the beginning in this time, the traditional tools will continue to play a role in this period, the two show coexistence situation, iron sickles, sprayer, threshing machine were mainly used in this period.
Third, the agricultural tools are in leading period. Not so far from twentieth Century, there appeared a variety of labor machines, such as automatic harvester, rice transplanter, S-dimethyl machine etc. The tractor as symbol in this period. According to our survey, in addition to plant, all other labor sectors such as cultivated land, irrigation, harvesting, transportation, processing are implemented for mechanical or semi mechanized, farm machinery has become the main force in agricultural production, the agricultural production efficiency is greatly improved

Transitional form of tools in Cangxi
Labor tools have become from the past traditional tools to implement, this change began in twentieth Century 60 years, the changes are mainly showed in the number of species, texture, farm implements, weight, power, method of use, customs, production process etc. according to types and number of tools, in the period of traditional tools, there are more than 20 kinds were used on the farm, it is more than 60 that both are used, and it reduced to 20 kinds in agricultural period, namely the tools from the big quantity before to the few quantity in nowadays, the development of species are single; according to texture and weight of the traditional tools, most of tools are made of bamboo, wood, stone and a small amount of iron, traditional tools are mainly made of the iron and plastic, the weight is changed with the textural changes; according to the dynamic perspective, from the first stage which took the human or animal as the main tool to the second stage which took human, animal, electricity, diesel as the main tools and third stage which took both electricity and diesel as the main tools; from the production point of view, but also from the traditional homemade tools, farm machinery in the collectivization period of purchasing to families to purchase by themselves; from the use of farm tools, by borrowing the once common helper, free use to farm machines and renting. We believe that the transition from the traditional tools to implement, in fact is the direct embodiment of the development of productive forces, the introduction of scientific technology is one of the most important content of the change, is conducive to efficient, durable, flexible, convenient to replace the traditional tools of farm machinery.