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------Bulletin of special theme------
  The special theme plans network information be interrelated
Website of works of its owns team: Countryside in the Red Army,Tongjiang
Website of the school: http://www.stsyzx.cn
The time of the reseach plans of special theme complete: October 20,2006
AboutTongjiang   School name: Shi Yan middle school of Tongjiang county of Sichuan Province
Read Culture school address: Shi Yan middle school of Tongjiang county of Sichuan Province
Love Education Instruct teachers: Qu junshi,Pengli,Zhangli
    The number of students taken part in it: Four
    Our age: 13 - 16 years old
The special study plan always looks at
We participate competition category: Place history historical site
The local community describes
    Tongjiang County is located northeast Sichuan, granary Shandong DuanNalu. Is has more than 1,400 years historical the civilized old city.Is the Sichuan Shaanxi Chinese Soviet areas capital, within theboundaries has the massive Red Army ruins and the cultural relichistorical site: Has the Chinese soviet republic central authoritiesnorthwest revolution military committee former site; Red four frontarmies general headquarters, general political department former site;National biggest Red Army carved stone slogan; Red Army Cliff bookliterature; Red four front armies martyrs' cemetery; Lenin park;Chinese most famous The Red Detachment of Women -- female independentbattalion; Red four front armies entire armed forces wool bathpolitical work conference former site; Spatial mountain campaign ruinsmonument; Red Army enters the Sichuan first town. Had the massiveancient times historical relics. Has bred republic first generation ofgeneral ten. Has the famous Prasarn famous song. Has the exquisitenature sight and the rich special product resources.
     We are precisely based on this point, chose by has been red Army The culture is a subject,was for the purpose of introducing Tongjiangthe Red Army culture, natural scenery and rich special productresources. Do not have to forget the history by the Red Army culturalrelic as the teaching material education present age youth, must carryforward the Red Army spirit.
3、 Special study plan outline
    The Sichuan Shaanxi Chinese Soviet areas capital -- passes Giangthanh.The Tongjiang county seat is has more than 1,400 years historical thecivilized old city. In founds the base in the process, the Tongjiangpeople have made a big contribution. At that time county-wide only had230,000 population, had 54,000 people to join the Chinese Workers' andPeasants' Red Army, more than 3,000 people have joined the CommunistParty of China, but also some 50,000 Tongjiang children participatedin the guerrilla force, the red guards, the female independentbattalion, the child have rolled and so on the local armed forcestime, new China had been established, joined Red Army Tongjiangchildren only Xin saved 4,000 people, more than 50,000 Tongjiangchildren revolutionized for China have sacrificed the precious life.Simultaneously has bred Fu Chongbi, He Zhengwen, Chen Bin and so onten republics first generation of general.
School network environment
    Inside our school has an engine room, each classroom has a machine,but the frequency of use is very high, we radically use only to come,teacher has contributed their family's computer, uses for us.
We encounter difficulty
    It was the first tendays of October at the time of the competition,we didn't have a little concepts in this respect in the head at that time.Through after the teachers'introduction and checking relevant news on the net,we have understood some.Then,we began to form team,carried on numerous discussions with the help of teachers.They helped us to analyze the local characteristic,confirm our theme direction.The communication for sometime,we had clear thinking.Set about carrying on the work.
    Third, the communication is difficult. Our team each week links up atime through uc, other time all are transmit the information byteacher through e-mail to us.
    Fourth, visits the difficulty. I, on the one hand time tight, we onlyhave double rest Japan only then to have the time to exit theinterview, on the other hand interviews scope broad, the journey isfar, the transportation is not convenient, each time exits all has thevery big expenditure, these expenses all are teacher pay wages for us.
    Fifth, English level error. Our English is not all good, each timemeets the Chinese translates English time, only has seeks helpteacher, expresses the thanks in this to them.
Attainment experience
    Looks back on this experiences, the feeling is very deep. The firstuse photographic camera, the first use scanner, the first use chat thetool to carry on the exchange, the first sound recording, first timegoes out the school to participate in the interview, the firstparticipation such big competition... ... Such many first, caused wemore understandings own, has strengthened the faith which had to win.This participation causes us life-long to profit.
      The case study plants the key element
1、 The plan of the case study is combined with course of the school
    We regarded township of the Red Armyas the main line this time,combined history,geography,humanity,the computer,social activity,discipline of every filed and travel,etc.The footprint which the Red Army left,has fully represented the spirit of the Red Army,has stimulated our patriatil enthusiasm.Meanwhile ,during the visit and making programe,we excouraged each other,communicated each other,increased friendship of us and strengthened team spirit,learned to take plearure in helping people,the more important thing is to let us have a deeper knowledge of spirit of the Red Army,know how to study even harder,love our motherland
2、Hardware apparatus that the plan of the case study use:the computer,the camera,the recorder,the scanner.
Computer software:Dreamweaver,photoshop.Microsoft Word.Outlook express,IE,ACDsee,CutFxp.QQ
3、 Role playing of community ambassador
    Let everybody understand the scienic sports and historical sites in Tongjiang and understaned the spirit of the Red Army,it is not intrely our honour,it is our contemporary young man's duty-bound rsponsibility even more.We make the one of question and answer,survey different crowds respectirely according to the materials of the Red Army collected.Through this investigation,we confind out about more situations.Impel people to the Red Army,to the priovincial Capital of Sichuan and Shanxi the Su's-understanding .
4、Influence to us of project of the special topic in Tongjiang
    Let us understand the contribution made while setting up Sichuan and Shanxi the Su's of Tongjiang further.We are confident to do the web page better,make the content of the webpage more abundemt.Let more persons understand the Red Army,understand Tongjiang.This match has trained the spirit of our unity and mutualaid,has trained our self-confidence and dogged will too
5、explantion about intellectual property right of the network webpage works of the case study.
    Some contents of the matic webpage are that our group adapt from relevant books and webpage,whole and the explanationof the concrete source of the materials in referencematerial.
        explanation of the contribution of the plan of the Case study
Peron participation in
Discuss in groups
The collection of the materials of the RedArmy,putin order,check
The interviews of all parts
Question naire investigation
Webpage making
Write the commentary,vecrding
Write the research paper
Disciussing of the net work frame
Discuss in groups
Global design
Arrangement of the network frame
Adjust the progress
Other Five Units
1,000 townships 10,000 talents
Development information of the activity
Some teachers of the school
To interviewing help
Cadre's sanitarium、Memorial museum of the RedArmy and some old RedArmy men
Offer relevant materials
------Photography worlks-----
Culture of the RedArmy
The generals' forest of steles
Dividing the land equally
Long live the spirit of the Red Army
Red ancient town-maoyu
Hospital of RedArmy
Hospital of RedArmy
General Headquarters
Hospital of RedArmy
Vow in front of the monument
Martyrs'Park of the Red Army
Red ancient town-Maoyu
Three townships great changes
Building of RuoShuiRive
New appecrrance in the countryside
New countryside
NuoShuiHe Chorus
RedArmy Bridge
White fungus museum
White fungus
The Premier is in Tongjiang
The Premier is in Tongjiang
The Premier is in Tongjiang
Natural scenery
Linjiang gorge
Linjiang gorge
Linjiang gorge
Natural painting
Liujiao care
LouFang care
Liujiao care
-----Reference material------
  [Information of the school]
school name ShiYan middle school of TongjiangCounty of sichuan provinle
school address ShiYan middle school of TongjiangCounty of sichuan provinle
Website of the school http://www.stsyzx.cn
E-mail address of the school st.sy-zx@stsyzx.cn
Profile of the school

Under the correct deaision of county party and goverment the origmal Tongjiang county normal school,the teachers'college for vocational studies,Guangna vocatuonal high school,adult's special secondary school of Tongjiang county were combined and the vocational education center of Tongjiang county was established after the five schools amalgamate in July of 1997.
Since five years,this school is under the leadership of county party corneeittee and government trongh the derelopment of five years,has aiready changed from small to big,has
changed from weall to strong,the number of students of this school was less than 800 in 1977,Now,this school has 68 classes,student's number reaches 5268.There are students of 1700 adults,more than 300 teachers and workers,the number of students and the teachers reach more than 5500.

        [Information of the characters]
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《County annals of Tongjiang》 Print in Xinhua colour printing center of Tongjiang
《annals of school of experimental middle school of Tongjiang county》 http://www.stsyzx.cn
OldRedArmy man's diary of cadre's saulitarium  
Trarel Information network of Tongjiang county http://www.csctj.com
Trarel gorernment affairs network of Langzhong http://lz.ncta.gov.cn
Network of the people's goverment of Tongjiang county http://www.sctj.cn
Tongjiang county proagates the network http://www.tongjiangxuanchuan.gov.cn
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