Wetland Protection and Restoration in the Qinghai Lake
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Water System


There are more than 100,000 birds on the island, in which Larus ichthyaetus, Anser indicus Latham and Larus brunnicephalus occupy most part.


In Qinghai Lake, there is a special kind of “Huang”fish. In order to adjust to the environment, the fish took off its squama. Its appearance is similar to carp with black dots on its back.The fishes grow very slow (it reaches 1kg after ten years) due to the low temperature of the lake. Nowadays, we need to control over-fishing and protect this species. If you want to have a taste on this fish, please go to Zhaling Lake, where a similar species of fish exists.

The scenery of the lake is quite different in different seasons. In summer and autumn, trees grow flourish on mountains and grassland, which seems to be a thick carpet with colorful flowers as decoration. At the side of the lake, hordes of cows and horses drink water and eat grass. Large scale of farm lies beside the lake. The golden corn field likes wave when wind blows. In winter, the leaves begin to fall from trees. In Nov, the lake begins to freeze. At that time, the lake is like a mirror shining in the sunshine.

With the development of economy, China has built Qinghai-Tibet Railway on the north of the lake, which is convenient for tourists to travel.

At the beginning of May, large amount of migrant birds fly back to Qinghai Lake. If you come to visit different kinds of birds, the time is most suitable. Between Jul and Aug, it’s hottest in mainland of China, however, in Qinghai Lake area, it’s cool and very comfortable. The scenery is most beautiful and state of roads is in good condition. In Sep, you’d better prepare heavy cloths against low temperature.

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