Wetland Protection and Restoration in the Qinghai Lake
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Water System


There are five islands in Qinghai Lake

(1)Known as Bird Island Xishan small island or eggs (eggs everywhere because of a famous).Buha, located four kilometers north of the estuary, the island's first, Xitou elongate, tadpole-shaped, with a total of 1,500 m, After the 1978 North, West, South and the land surface exposed lakebed together. Bird Island gentle slopes, surface by sand and stones covered the southwest of the island, there are several springs flow. There are two main separatist quarter Mausoleum plant vegetables, Chenopodium quinoa, ice and grass, sickle Oxytropis Siberian smartweed, Kobresia, such as Kentucky bluegrass.Bird Island is a unique bird breeding in Asia, it is our first eight bird sanctuary. Qinghai opening to the outside world is an important place. Each March to April ,the migration from the South to the geese, ducks, cranes and other gull nesting birds have started to Qinghai Lake; 5-6 months eggs all over the country, groups of young, hot topic, a few acoustic Yang, the island has more than 30 species of birds at this time. A total of 16.5 million only bare months, the height of autumn, the species in the blue sky, cruise migrated to the end of the lake 95. For the protection of birds for people to watch, the Bird Island Nature Reserve, established in August 1975. 1980 was classified as National Nature Reserve, in 1986 the provincial government grant 600,000 yuan to build a tunnel beneath, billets, security watchtowers and other facilities for visitors to view, the North-South Highway have arrived at Bird Island.

(2)Harbor Hill in the center of predictors of South Qinghai Lake, about 25 km from Bird Island, the island with a long, narrow ends of the central and wide. 2.3 km long and 0.8 km wide, with an area of 1.14 square kilometers, 3,266 meters above sea level the highest point the island, granite, gneiss composed of a spring eastern edge of the island, drinking. Steep rock formation exposed the southern fringe of the East, West, North to slow beach. Most of the island of sand covered with ice and grass growth, Splendens, sickle Oxytropis, Kobresia, in the garb of yellow needles. Siberian Wong Ching, vegetation coverage rate above 50%, concentrated in the island edge of a cliff and gravel beaches bird habitat.

(3)Known as Haixipi Hercynian Hill, Buha is located 6 km north of the estuary and with the Bird Island at the tip of the Buha River Vagach. NW fault near the island in the northeastern margin of the lake is in a similar steep rock cylindrical tower in the lake. Cormorant is the breeding ground of the island's vegetation coverage rate of more than 90%.

(4)Island Lake in the northeast, Haiyan County, which was once the largest lake island, about 13 km. most width of about 280 km, with an area of 18 square meters, 3,252 meters above sea level the highest point the island. Sand Lake is a prominent ridge surface formed by sand accumulation. 1980 Pratas northeast end of the peninsula to become linked with the land and 33 square kilometers surrounded Island Lake surface covered by sand, no vegetation, fish breeding habitat gull.

(5)Three pieces of stone known as interpolation isolated mountain in southwest Lake is seven blocks from the intensive together limestone rock composition, About 17 meters high, with an area of about 0.056 square kilometers from Bird Island, Harbor Mountain 20 km. Gap block growth of the island only in aggregate, such as Artemisia Shelter. Vegetation cover less than 5%.

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