Wetland Protection and Restoration in the Qinghai Lake
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Beautiful Qinghai Lake

    Sit in the darkness of the deep blue lake, squandering an shades of the sea at the scene, it seems that it is far from being a mirage. Nana curl to the flavor of the sea breeze ah floating in the air. Last night together and eventually disappeared, it was real and in my mind is a beautiful lake, Qinghai Lake is the most touching it.

     Yuan Wang Qinghai Lake, it's like a piece of crystal blue gemstones in the sunlight to shine under more confusing, charming; Pillar near Qinghai Lake, like a flower blooming orchid layered with sections up to 40 deep to greet visitors. Qinghai Lake in her mysterious, beautiful Ms attracted all the visitors from all. People lost in the purity of her blue and the vast expanse.

     Layer after layer of the waves, the shuttle during waves is a beautiful fantasy world. It was such a gift to the vastness of what was happening. I looked at Qinghai Lake, the hearts seemed to forget all the depression. Qinghai Lake, the closest it in the blink of an eye, feeling that the world is indeed very intriguing sea, as if traveling through a fairy restoration.

     But this sacred lake in Qinghai Lake, to the people living in its surrounding the unspeakable material wealth. Qinghai Lake, the perennial vitality of organic matter into the sea to land. The growth of plankton in the sea to provide a good breeding places.

    Lake of Stars, which is described by Kessler, it is rare growth. Kessler ergonomically edition, is rarely seen in the scaleless fish. Qinghai Lake in China to travel to travel freely. Qinghai Lake, as they will be the best of the best of their homeland.

    Moreover, the Qinghai Lake also brought up numerous people, She is a natural gift which contains material wealth in the Qinghai Lake is really fantastic!

    However, over the past few years because of violent pursuit of economic interests increasingly suffered severe destruction of Qinghai Lake.

    Qinghai Lake, a beautiful and moving home, but also suffered a number of attacks hurt! This spirit of the lake in the United States, one of the most familiar and yet we still do it extraordinarily cruel executioner?

    Look at Qinghai Lake, she kept us in the call, please extend our love and care homes hands!

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