Mudong County, 30km away from Chaotianmen port, is located at estuary of Mingyue Gorge (It is one of the three ancient gorges in Sichuan Provinces. The three gorges are Tongluo Gorge, Mingyue Gorge and Huangcao Gorge. )on the southern bank of Yangtze River.It is an ancient county in eastern suburb of Chongqing Municipality. It’s said that the Yuwang Temple was built there in Ming Dynasty, in which all the woods were got from a 500m away mountain hole. The mountain hole was named Mudong(“Mu” means wood and “Dong” means hole).
It is a tradition that people in Mudong County like to sing mountain songs. In Oct 1990, Mudong County was named “Town of Mountain Songs” by Cultural Bureau of Chongqing City. In the next month, Mudong mountain songs were authorized as the excellent Bayu folk art. In 2005, it was successfully applied to be the national intangible culture heritage.

The picture of Mudong County.
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