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  Speaking of diplomacy, what most people come out first is the picture of the meeting between leaders from different countries. No matter what the truth is, ordinary people do not have interest on it, and we middle school students are very confused at that. Thus, we were surprised upon hearing the words about "animal diplomacy." With the assistance of the coaching teachers, we had a further understanding on the diplomatic relations and means through a series of works, to include searching for information in school library and on the internet, visiting the local united front work department and Wild animal nature reserve. 

  As a state of ceremonies, "gifts" are necessary on diplomatic occasions for Chinese. Gifts-giving cover the common ones out of decency, various invaluable treasures, and distinctive pets, building a way or bridge between the two countries. Animal diplomacy does not exclusively happen in China, other countries have also widely used animals as gifts for the countries that they befriend with.


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