The Tianzhou Ancient Tower

Under the blue sky.
The Yellow River billowing to the north.
The Helan Mountain stanan ancient cooking vessel with miracle peak
Plain in Ningxia beautiful and rich.
Vast countryside looking endless.
The outlet maneuver, wheat waving and waving.
The road covered by shade from green trees, people getting through them.
Ningxia, the acient and beautiful place.
He, feean ancient cooking vessel tens of thousands Hui, Han children.
In the history, Ningxia culture glorious brilliant.
In the morning glow, Tianzhou Ancient Tower outstanan ancient cooking vessel.
The tower gradually rising with red sun behind.
Like a pillar supporting sky, Yellow River on the east side and predicting lucky.
The only mark stanan ancient cooking vessel out from the ground, west screen and orchid mountain contend for brightness.

Copyright:Yaofu High School·Caishang Qianfu team