In ordinary environment extraordinary art

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     we always remember that: the northerner is good at riding and souther is good at swimming. It shows that the environments influences the people a lot. No matter the mind or body, now no matter the world or china, the environment is a key problems, which will be influenced in all the parts. But for all the country, our environmental protection is heavy. For us, it is typical, showing the poor environment. And then we can show the art, showing the art.The environment which we may use “to recycle waste” the thought change us to survive .

Ordinary environment and extraordinary artistic picture appreciation

  This the castle at the bottom of the mountain, in 1998, with he crackers, the development area is officially open. During the desert, several layers of sands is coming out. During the sky and earth, there are many building, and trees and wind are truggling, during the days, ten years is passing. But the red castles people was not rightened, they use the action to change the environment.

Clean countryside alley  

Ordinary bad environment

  Many people said: in 2008 we should pay more attention of protection environment, we should well-treat the earth year. But who can do it? Every morning we litter. Please take care of it, it is hard to recycle.

  We should protect the environments, there are 60 billion bags around the earth. The UN should protect the environment, every member should take the responsibility, to clean the earth, our sense can make the good artworks.


Discarding performance extraordinary art


The people are demonstrating the folk art in the ordinary environment

   Our building environment can see the tiles in the building, we can make the painting on the tiles, this idea come to truth in our school. collecting the tiles and then our works shines!
Paper is the material of the working. There are many types of paper. The kids uses the toilet paper. We get back our confidence.Saw in these ordinary hands creates “extraordinarily” art, we should have a protection environment inspiration!

The clever artisan does simple agricultural thing
The pillow which make with the rags and the end embroiders
Handicrafts which makes with the rags