Hope inside the mountain

The longing view sight of mountainous area kids

Here is the village of West of China, in most people's eye, it means poor, draggle, blindness and emptiness. Yes, the nature condition is indeed very poor here, and economical basic also very weakness. The mountain is too big and its trench so deeply, the transportation very inconvenience and the communication is obstruction.People who lived here like to get their food depend on god. But it's also a happy land for hope, we have the most honest folk way, most fresh air and the most importance is we have most honest hope here – go out of the mountain. To make this hope comes true is by the way of study, this is the education in the west of China for the moment.

We earnestly making this web-site, only would like to show the truest part of west education to people, to let more people take known more about west's education, to understand the hope of the children inside the mountain. To make us some peaceful, thought , trueness and memory in such all-round greedy . Maybe after our work together, to bring those children inside mountain more hope. We believe west mountain's tomorrow will be more beautiful and harmonious.


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